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Green Hall Business Centre in Vilnius
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Lithuania means opportunities

International companies in Tech, Finance and Engineering are thriving in Lithuania. Fortune 500 superstars and tomorrow’s unicorns are looking for the drive and knowledge you can bring.

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Lithuania – a platform for your personal growth

You don’t have to choose between a fulfilling career and a fulfilling lifestyle. In Lithuania,  work-life balance truly exists, so you can accelerate your career and create the life you want for yourself, without compromises.

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Success stories

Alex Wong
Front-end Developer at Boozt Technology Baltics

Hailing from sunny Spain, Alex Wong exchanged programming agricultural machinery back home for developing front-end applications in Vilnius. With Alex, we talked about learning to code online, LinkedIn connections and the hard choice of which Lithuanian basketball club to support.

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Frank Sondors
Senior Vice President, Client Partnerships at Whatagraph

After spending more than a decade in the UK and Ireland, Latvian-born Frank Sondors now heads Client Partnerships at Whatagraph, a leading developer of a leading marketing data collection tool, in Vilnius.

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Margarita Veshtort
WEB Developer at Supermetrics

How many CVs do you need to send out nowadays to land a job abroad? It appears that the answer is zero! Or at least it was for Margarita, whose move from Minsk to Vilnius started with updating her LinkedIn profile.

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Lisa Baranava
Software Engineer at Rocket Software

Moving to another country can prove to be a real challenge! Now factor in two pets. Lisa from Belarus was not frightened by all that! She moved to Lithuania smoothly and now works at Rocket Software.

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