Work in Lithuania is an initiative of the foreign direct investment promotion agency Invest Lithuania that is aimed at encouraging professionals living abroad to build their careers in Lithuania. As part of this mission, it also works to strengthen the value offer of the country and initiate changes that will allow Lithuania to successfully compete for global talents.

The workinlithuania.lt portal is a site where international companies and potential employees can meet. If you have already decided to further your career in Lithuania, you’ll find it a valuable resource – it features regularly updated listings of job offers as well as useful practical information to ensure your relocation to Lithuania is as smooth as possible. Important news on Lithuania’s business ecosystem are also shared on the site.

Since the programme’s launch in October 2017, more than 200 international companies with a presence in Lithuania have joined the initiative. These companies regularly publish job vacancies for highly skilled employees on the portal. They have also committed to facilitating job interviews irrespective of the candidate’s location, so if you’re applying from outside Lithuania you can still comfortably complete the whole application process.


The Work In Lithuania programme is open to companies operating in Lithuania. To be eligible, your company needs to be offering employment positions for highly qualified candidates, and the opportunity to contribute to international projects, to specialists living abroad.

Once you are registered on the programme, you will be able to publish job ads on the workinlithuania.lt portal free of charge, participate in joint promotion and marketing projects, and help us spread the message on the great career opportunities available in Lithuania.

Interested in joining our programme? Please contact us at: ieva.staponkute@investlithuania.com


Aistė Kasperė

Head of "Work in Lithuania" Programme

Gerdas Giedrimas

Digital Marketing Project Manager

Ieva Staponkutė

Community Communications Manager

Vilius Bružikas

Marketing Manager

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