Working remotely in Lithuania: best laptop-friendly spots

As the pandemic hit its stride around the world, so did remote work. Despite the unfortunate circumstances behind this change, the mass move away from the typical work environment showed that people can remain just as (if not more) productive outside the office. This model has also become popular in Lithuania, with many employers now … Continued

Living without metro: mobility in Lithuania simplified

As a country, Lithuania is very compact. Here, it’s easy to get from A to B using the smooth-running public transit system. In addition to buses and trolleybuses, the relatively short distances within and between cities are easily traversable by trains, bicycles, and electric scooters.  Given its compactness, it’s no surprise that the country is … Continued

Benefits of living in a compact country

Lithuania is not only a relatively small country – it’s also compact. Technically, this means that all of its boundaries are located at a similar distance from the center. More specifically, however, it conveys that everything people need for a fulfilling life is always within arm’s reach and optimised for convenience. Rest assured, in Lithuania, … Continued