28 December, 2021

Come back to Lithuania and gain new skills

Are you a Lithuanian expat interested in IT jobs back home? Whether you already work in IT or are thinking about changing careers, Vilnius Coding School is ready to assist you with landing your dream job in Lithuania. You can start getting ready for your new career while still living abroad!

A rapidly growing IT hub, Lithuania is home to both local and global tech start-ups, as well as industry giants. The country’s dynamic technology sector creates a constant demand for IT specialists, so repatriating Lithuanians can find exciting job opportunities at international IT companies. Digitalisation processes that are accelerating across all business sectors will only amplify the need for software developers, quality assurance specialists, systems engineers and other IT professionals.

If you do not feel an industry-ready IT specialist yet, do not worry: Vilnius Coding School offers plenty of upskilling and reskilling opportunities. Lithuanian expats seeking to boost their IT competencies or start a career in IT can consult with the specialists at the School’s Career Change Center. They will advise on the best IT sphere to specialise in and help with the preparation for job search in Lithuania.

The consultations are remote, so you can start developing new, career-changing skills while still abroad. Get in touch with Vilnius Coding School at karjeroscentras@vilniuscoding.lt or visit www.vilniuscoding.lt to learn more.