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Simplex is a fintech company focused on online payment processing and fraud. We process credit card payments for goods and services sold online – with zero fraud exposure and guaranteed chargeback liability. Fully regulated as a financial institution, Simplex enables online merchants to focus on the thing they value most: growing their business.

Founded in 2014, Simplex began operating in the bitcoin ecosystem, and enhanced its fraud prevention capabilities in the high-risk cryptocurrency industry. Our proprietary state-of-the-art AI algorithms have been forged in the fire of the high-fraud-risk crypto market. Today Simplex offers its services to all online merchants & marketplaces, especially those dealing with high-level fraud and chargebacks.

The company has over 70 employees, most of them are located in Israel and we have recently opened our first site out of Israel, in Vilnius which is about to grow and expand.

Functions in Lithuania:

  • Internal Audi
  • AML/Compliance
  • Customer Support
  • Business Risk Management