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International companies in Tech, Finance and Engineering are thriving in Lithuania. Fortune 500 superstars and tomorrow’s unicorns are looking for the drive and knowledge you can bring.

Lithuania – a platform for your personal growth

You don’t have to choose between a fulfilling career and a fulfilling lifestyle. In Lithuania, work-life balance truly exists, so you can accelerate your career and create the life you want for yourself, without compromises.

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Success stories

Front-end Developer

Alex Wong

Hailing from sunny Spain, Alex Wong exchanged programming agricultural machinery back home for developing front-end applications in Vilnius. With Alex, we talked about learning to code online, LinkedIn connections and the hard choice of which Lithuanian basketball club to support.

QA Engineer

Amarachi Nzekwe

After starting her career in Ibadan, Nigeria, QA Engineer Amarachi Nzekwe decided to spend a year working at an ICT company in Kaunas. Three years and a global pandemic later, she has moved cities, changed jobs, and documented her journey on her YouTube channel. We sat down with Amarachi to talk about vlogging, career moves, and the tech scene in Lithuania.

Head of Client Partnerships

Frank Sondors

After spending more than a decade in the UK and Ireland, Latvian-born Frank Sondors now heads Client Partnerships division at Whatagraph, a leading developer of a leading marketing data collection tool, in Vilnius.

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