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  • Assist Chief Flight Instructor in setting the standards for GS (Ground School) training and FS (Flight School) flight training, controlling and implementing practical workshops, flight-control records, the execution of flight programs and the quality of work;
  • Actively contributing to the preparation of documents governing BAA Training flight activities;
  • Ensure that the policies and procedures of BAA Operations Manual are maintained and the training is in accordance with the relevant programs and in compliance with them;
  • Checking the completion of logbooks, ensure the quality and completeness of student training records;
  • Fulfilling the requirements of internal work order, work rules and fire protection, as well as hygienic norms;
  • Consulting the students, performing operational organization activities and participating in any other joint activities of BAA Training;
  • Forward any problems, including student-training difficulties, to the Chief Flight Instructor for guidance and/or resolution;
  • Contributing Safety Manager identifying potential hazards, analysing, evaluating the risks and implement the actions in order to reduce those risks;
  • Following personal KPIs, reporting on them and managing the KPIs of the instructors performance;
  • Assist with additional duties as assigned by the Chief Flight Instructor.


  • Bachelor degree (preferably in aviation);
  • At least 2 years of active experience in aviation industry;
  • Experience in dealing and interacting with Regulatory Authorities;
  • Knowledge of the requirements of the EASA for aviation training organizations, familiar with Law on Aviation of the Republic of Lithuania and national regulations on aviation training and personnel licencing activities;
  • Stress-resistant with strong planning skills;
  • Fluent in English and Lithuanian;
  • Good computer skills (including MS Office applications).

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