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Anti-Spam Anti-Abuse Engineer
Senior specialist
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About Us:

For those up to the challenge, working at ProtonMail provides an exciting atmosphere, and makes you a part of one of Europe’s highest-profile startups. Together, ProtonMail and ProtonVPN have millions of users, and we are growing rapidly. We’re looking for bright, highly motivated problem solvers to join our team of experts. ProtonMail has over 100 employees located in Geneva, San Francisco, Vilnius, Skopje, Prague, Zurich or working remotely around the world.

While the open nature of email is great for interoperability, accessibility and freedom from centralized control, it also creates challenging spam and abuse problems. For instance, a significant percentage of incoming emails to ProtonMail users are spam, some of which are dangerous phishing attempts. Also, as a free email service open to all, ProtonMail inevitably attracts signups from spammers who abuse our excellent email delivery and reputation.

You will join our team to build and operate sophisticated anti-spam and anti-abuse systems. Your work will directly improve the user experience and digital security of millions of people around the world. You should have extensive experience designing and running real-time analysis and prediction systems.

What You will do:

  • Improve our anti-spam filtering
  • Improve our abuse detection and prevention systems
  • Deploy, monitor, and troubleshoot these critical services
  • Participate in rotating on-call duties in a global, 24x7x365, team


  • Operated big data storage and web services
  • Expert in data analysis and machine learning (anomaly detection, time series, clustering, NLP)
  • Software engineering experience (Python, PHP)

Why work at ProtonMail?

  • Startup culture where everyone’s opinion matters and can have a significant impact
  • We work on interesting, challenging problems. Each day you will face a new issue, and there is never a dull moment
  • Our rapid growth means there are many opportunities for advancement
  • Do something meaningful. ProtonMail protects dissidents, journalists, and activists. Our work saves lives.
  • Be part of something bigger. Millions of people and businesses around the world have embraced our idea of an Internet where privacy and security are the default. Join the privacy revolution that is changing the world

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