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Customer Logistics Planner (m/f)
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Job Description

As Customer Order Planner (m/f) you are responsible for safeguarding the flow of the information and materials in conjunction with the customer and external supply centers, with the aim of 100% customer supply, explicit orientation to customer requirements and cost-effective use of resources and cost optimized processes.

  • Dispatching customer orders/primary requirements and where necessary production synchronous call down into production, to ensure 100% supply to customers, taking due account of production resources and processes, safeguard production line no stop caused by material shortage or planning problem
  • Ensure to get customer forecast and attend VRM in time. Focus on short term and long-term system planning quality, driving to find CDP problem and feedback to CDP planner and coordinate with sales to make sure local planning figure correct
  • Make sure assigned report could be fulfill in time and ensure reporting quality
  • Logistics report including sales report/CDP forecast/inventory analysis etc.
  • Being the logistics interface to the customer to respond quickly to customer requests or distribute information to the team if necessary to avoid information transfer delay; coordinate in project team for any logistics related issue
  • Monitoring the stock levels and coverage of finished goods and corrective action if necessary, to achieve optimum inventory levels with due regard to the total cost approach
  • Monitoring of the delivery date and dispatching for finished goods in optimum time, to ensure timely dispatch and delivery reliability to the customer with best cost, controlling premium cost to minimum. Timely evaluation on forwarder’s performance and feedback to central logistic for service improvement
  • Monitoring 3rd PL warehouse (if related) daily to ensure customer demands can be fulfilled in time, timely evaluation on 3rd PL warehouse’s performance and feedback to central logistic for service improvement
  • Working on the design of logistics and transport concepts with the customer in logistics process planning, packaging planning and transport handling, to safeguard the delivery process and minimize process costs
  • Working on introduction and phase­out project teams, to ensure a timely introduction and phase­out of finished goods. Ensure no idle material caused by planning and highlight idle risk before every case happen

Job Requirements

  • Academic degree in engineering, economics or comparable qualification
  • Several years of working experience in customer logistics
  • Experience in the automotive industry
  • Good MS Office skills
  • Fluent English language skills (spoken and written)

What we offer

  • Health insurance package
  • Accident insurance 24/7
  • Full travel insurance (valid on business trips)
  • Flexible work concept
  • Bonus based on annual performance

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