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Hostinger is a world-class web hosting company made up of a curious and high-spirited team of technology professionals. Our team is striving to make history by creating the next generation AI models on petabytes of data.

We’re currently looking for a passionate, talented and experienced Data Scientist to build new AI models and help make data-driven improvements to our existing models. You will have an enormous opportunity to impact the customer experience, design, architecture, and implementation of a cutting edge product used every day by more than 30 million clients in 178 countries.

What you will do:

  • Build, test, and deploy ML (machine learning), DP (deep learning), AI (artificial intelligence), and NLP (natural language processing) applications to produce value from our data assets;
  • Build analytics processes for automation, knowledge discovery, decision-making, insights, optimization, monitoring, and new capabilities;
  • Build frameworks and follow best practices to mature analytics solutions from proof of concept to prototype to production;
  • Test new technologies, tools, and data;
  • Analyze, model and build predictive models that elevate the customer experience and track impact over time;
  • Collaborate, provide guidance and tools to colleagues from science, engineering and business background.

What we expect:

  • Good understanding of the mathematical, optimization, and computational concepts behind advanced analytics algorithms;
  • Good programming skills and ability to utilize a variety of data/analytic software/languages/tools, for example: Spark (ML, Mllib, Spark SQL), R (caret, ggplot2), Python (pandas, numpy, scipy, scikit-learn), Perl, Scala, Java, C++, Hive, SQL, SAS, Tableau, etc;
  • Experience in at least one of the machine learning and deep learning frameworks including TensorFlow, Keras, Caffe, MXNet, Spark Ml;
  • Experience using cloud computing to build analytics applications;
  • Keeping up-to-date on new technologies, standards and practices;
  • Ability to successfully comprehend and communicate advanced analytics artifacts, business insights, and resulting implications to non-technical business partners.

What will you getr:

  • A challenging opportunity to work in a rapidly growing international company;
  • Full professional development support, including access to the world’s best conferences, relevant training courses, reference books, team building activities, and workshops;
  • A fast-paced working culture which values high standards;
  • A modern office for working and relaxing;
  • An internationally experienced and friendly team;
  • Other motivational perks such as healthy snacks and fruits, coffee, team lunches, birthday prize lottery, and much more!

Read more about our company culture here.

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