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DevOps Engineer
Senior specialist
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Job description:

Videntifier is seeking a versatile devops engineer to contribute in strengthening Videntifier’s internal testing, deployment and operations infrastructure along with providing support for customers, prospects and partner companies. He shall actively support the communication with the client or partner and help the Videntifier internal team with gathering feedback and streamlining operational processes. The position touches on a variety of responsibilities such as customer support, service installation, documentation, system administration, cloud server orchestration, server configuration, software development, process design, and more.

Mission, challenges to be achieved within:

  • Within 1 month: Good understanding of running the Videntifier API, the Videntifier CameraID API and the Videntifier core tools. Learning and understanding the different use cases of the system by different customer groups (law enforcement, copyright protection, media). Small set of experiments and test runs on the component and being able to explain how certain parameters would influence quality / performance. Involvement in customer support, database setup, installation, operation and monitoring of customer cloud services and local Videntifier installations. Small set of experiments and test runs on the component and being able to explain how certain parameters would influence quality / performance. Within 3 months:Being able to explain in detail the different use cases for the technology and independently support current and future customers during evaluation, setup and integration. Work with partners/distributors and actively participate in the integration of the Videntifier API into complementary solutions. Actively monitor services, handle crashes and install potential short-term work-around until a bug is being fixed by a developer.
  • Being able to manage cloud servers and cloud services, track potential bugs and communicate these bugs to developers.
  • Within 6 months:Assist technical writer and editor with user manual, documentation and other support documents.
  • Take-on small side projects and extra work (typically 3-10 day development work for a very well defined non-generic functionality) required by individual clients.
  • Support Quality Assurance Manager in setting up and monitoring large-scale tests.

Main tasks, responsibilities:

  • Capability to monitor and operate complex software systems;
  • Being able to understand and explain the company’s main products and services (operation, installation and result interpretation);
  • Capability to exchange with customers and partner companies for operations, support and integration work (via email, chat or phone);
  • Support prospects in their evaluation process of one of the company’s products or services;
  • Support customer-facing and internal documentation (user manual, online support, filing of bug reports, administration task lists);
  • Work on small and well-defined customer facing software projects;
  • Support Quality Assurance Manager in release management and setting up and monitoring large-scale tests;
  • Interaction with the business team on delivery/support condition.


Minimum: Experience as a skilled programmer with (any kind of) University Certification Ideal: BSc in Computer Science, Software Engineering, signal processing or other engineering studies

Knowledge & experience / IT skills

  • Minimum:Good knowledge of Linux and Linux server administration.
  • Good scripting abilities (in either Ruby, Python, Perl, …)
  • Experience in Customer Support and Integration
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to work in an international team
  • High degree of self organisation
  • Ideal:Experience in Cloud Management
  • Experience with Computer Virtualization and automatic testing frameworks
  • Experience in Application programming
  • Experience in Windows Operation Systems
  • Experience in software release management

Personality and leadership competencies:

Responsible / Patient / Communicative

Sensitivity toward customers and their need for a fully operative solution (including data protection, timeliness of delivery, ect). As customers sometimes don’t have deep technical insight this also requires a lot of understanding, patience and probleem solving capability.


Ability to identify problems and come up with own solutions.


Taking care of customer requests and customer questions in a diligent and understanding manner. Diligence and attention to detail while monitoring the operations.


Able to work in a team, good communication skills, flexible to other opinions.

Bonus points:

  • Academic Publications in peer-reviewed journals or conferences
  • Team Leadership skills
  • Knowledge in the domain of computer vision, signal processing and/or pattern recognition
  • International experience or work experience in a multi-cultural team
  • Experience in the application and/or participation of FP7 / HORIZON2020 / EUREKA or similar projects


  • International Team Spirit
  • Work with top-notch Database & Computer Vision technology
  • Self-organised work in a small, but energetic team
  • Employee participation plan (via stock options)
  • In case the candidate is highly skilled and interested in taking additional education there is a possibility to develop into a full-scale application developer

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