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Full stack developer (Mobile)
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1.400 - 2.500 Eur
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We would like you to have:

  • Minimum 2+ year of software development experience.
  • Experience with JavaScript or Typescript.
  • Experience with Mobile development (React Native, Xamarin, Ionic, Flutter, Native etc.).
  • Experience with any back-end programming language.
  • Ability to work in a team.
  • A demonstrated written and spoken English proficiency.

Great if you also have:

  • Experience with databases, micro services, docker.
  • Experience with monitoring / logging systems.
  • Knowledge of design patterns, SOLID principles and best practices.
  • GitHub profile with examples in open source contributions.

What your day will look like? You will:

  • Work with Mac Book Pro and 4K monitor.
  • Develop modern cross platform mobile application using React Native, Typescript, MobX, Jest.
  • Solve complex UI problems including high security requirements, access to phone’s camera, accelerometer, gyroscope, QR Code and NFC Tags scanning.
  • Integrate with real time data streams and back-end communication via GRPC framework.
  • Have a great possibility to learn Go programming language, GRPC, Kubernetes, continues integration / deployments.
  • Do code reviews and write unit tests.

What are your benefits from all this?

  • Small company where you will feel the impact of your decisions.
  • Work with new features and low amount of support for existing solutions.
  • High degree of autonomy – you will be able to shape things around you.
  • We unit test and code review. We automate our deployments and monitor what’s happening in our production.
  • High caliber colleagues you can learn from. We like to understand how frameworks work, and not just use the API.
  • Fast growing business with ample career opportunities.
  • Competitive salary, parking space, leisure zone, knowledge sharing and other usual stuff.
  • An interesting business domain which provides hard to solve development challenges.

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