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The Full Stack Software Engineer will be working within a highly experienced internal Services tools team to scope and develop technical solutions used by teams across Bazaarvoice.

The Full Stack Software Engineer will work on Bazaarvoice’s Systems Integration Team to build solutions designed by the team. This includes reviewing stakeholder needs, triaging and responding to bug reports and feature requests, reviewing architecture and design documents, and implementing solutions utilizing the latest web technologies (e.g. AWS, React, Node, and Mongo) as well as supporting legacy apps written in various languages (e.g. Python, PHP, and SQL).

The Full Stack Software Engineer will be involved either directly or indirectly in requirements gathering, design, implementation, testing, and deployment of web applications. This position requires the candidate to have strong time management skills as well as excellent verbal and written communications skills.


·​ ​Create and define functional and application architecture designs as per business requirements.

·​  ​Coordinate with stakeholders to verify the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs.

·​  ​Develop new user-facing interfaces and features.

·​  ​Build reusable code and libraries for future use.

·​  ​Integrate front-end and back-end aspects of the web application.

·​  ​Develop application dashboards utilizing existing or new frameworks.

·​  ​Participate in continuous learning (both formal and informally).

Required Skills:

·​  ​Full stack web development experience.

·​  ​Familiarity with RESTful web services.

·​  ​3+ years’ experience with Node and React.

·​  ​Proficiency with NoSQL databases like MongoDB.

·​  ​Experience with relational databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, or similar.

·​  ​Solid understanding of JavaScript and object-oriented fundamentals such as prototype inheritance and composition.

·​ ​Good understanding of asynchronous request handling, partial page updates, and AJAX.

·​ ​Proficient understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and ways to work around such issues.

·​ Proficient understanding of distributed versioning systems like Git or Mercurial.

·​ Good understanding of browser rendering behaviour and performance. 

·​ ​Excellent written and spoken English communication.


What will make you stand out:

·​  ​Experience with a PaaS like Heroku, Kubernetes, or similar.

·​  ​Experience building cloud-first applications on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or similar.

·​  ​Deep understanding of multiple programming languages. 

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