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Manpower Client HILL Group is a part of HILL Corporation, modern producer of world-class industrial lubricants & liquids established in Kazakhstan in 2010. The plant is an ideal combination of cutting-edge technologies and innovative developments standing among top modern plants worldwide. Developing an environmentally friendly, 100% waste-free closed-loop production, HILL Corporation has chosen Lithuania as the best location for growth and application of modern technologies. It is a perfect opportunity for a charismatic, thoughtful professional with entrepreneurial spirit to join international team and initiate great business establishment. 

Key responsibilities:

·        Recognizing and creating beneficial partnerships with local and international firms, funds and banks in order to find investment for the project;

·        Meeting and negotiating with a network of potential and current partners;

·        Analyzing financial figures, relevant legal requirements and regulations, evaluating business risks and opportunities;

·        Collaborating with colleagues from HILL Corporation performing consolidated reporting;

·        Representing the company at local and international levels.

You are competent in:

·        Working with /for commercial banks (financial institutions) in the field of lending and investing in production projects, credit risk underwriting;

·        Understanding of Finance Management with clear demonstration of business partnership capabilities;

·        Analysis of economic situation as well as financial & legal environments.

Essential for excellent fit:

·        Perfect communication presentation and negotiation skills;

·        Entrepreneurial mindset and drive;

·        Fluent in Lithuanian and English, Russian is an advantage;

·        Ready for business trips;

·        Experience in performing and analyzing financial (accounting) statements, financial documents, etc. is a huge advantage.

It is a position for a leader with a drive and excellent entrepreneurial spirit. Manpower Client provides you a perfect opportunity to implement your ambitions confiding in a successful and innovative company history. 

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