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Java Trainer
Vilnius, Kaunas
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from 15 EUR / hour
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Become a Java Trainer in Software Development Academy!

Software Development Academy is expanding in Lithuania!

We are looking for Java, experts, developers that would like to enhance their experience by becoming a JAVA TRAINER.

Software Development Academy, we implement our original educational program for beginning enthusiasts of new technologies, helping them become programmers in just a few months’ time. We are currently expanding our training team and are looking for experienced programmers to be instructors in our Java courses.

What will you gain?

  • mentor status – you share your passion and knowledge with both trainees and other trainers,
  • flexible employment agreement forms, which mean additional source of income,
  • a platform for exchanging experience internationally with SDA experts in a given technology,
  • a possibility of becoming a wider-portfolio specialist (including taking part in industry events, webinars, articles),
  • you do not have to give up your current job – classes are held during the weekends,
  • attractive salary depending on your experience,
  • an interesting alternative for your office work,
  • a huge network of contacts by joining 250+ community of trainers.

Our classes take place in the city center during the weekends (Saturday & Sunday, 9.00 – 16.00).

The course is divided between multiple Trainers, so don’t worry about working every weekend- your schedule will depend on your availability!

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