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Junior Frontend Developer
Junior specialist
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We are:

Wix’s Frontend Engineering group with an engineering culture that embraces cutting-edge technologies, TDD, performance and clean code. We work in small teams, follow Agile work methods and use continuous integration and continuous delivery methodologies to run quickly while maintaining the high quality of our product.

You are:

A developer with at least 1 year of experience who can read, understand and explain JavaScript code. You’re keen on learning more, like challenges and enjoy working in a team. You have good communication skills and positive attitude.

Bonus points if you’re familiar with any of Frontend frameworks/libraries (React, Redux, Mobx, Angular, Ember) and/or Server-Side technologies (Node.JS, Scala, Java, .NET, Python, Ruby). If you have some experience in Continuous Delivery, building and testing with tools such as Babel, TSC, Webpack, Jest, Jasmine, Mocha.

As a Junior Frontend Developer, you will:

  • Write clean code with functional JavaScript.
  • Contribute to open source projects.
  • Improve your skills and learn from top-notch engineers.
  • Tackle tough problems and find creative ways to solve them.
  • Push your code to millions of users every day.
  • Work on cutting-edge technologies and become an industry leader.
  • Be given a dedicated mentor, learn high-scale software design principles, and advance your TDD skills.
  • Contribute to the engineering culture and methodologies of Wix.

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