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Junior Tax Consultant
Junior specialist
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Job Description & Summary

  • Assisting individuals and multinational employers with tax consulting and compliance matters related to global employee mobility
  • Solving complex individual taxation issues, tax residence matters, advising on cost-effective international employment and remuneration structures
  • Communicating and finding the best practices as well as solutions with the Tax Authorities, participating in global projects related to individual taxation

What's in it for you:

  • Being part of the global team of the recognized experts, access to the global expertise and methodologies – both internal and external
  • Upon joining, you will be equipped with all needed trainings as well as support from more senior colleagues for an easy and smooth start
  • Every year, you will have an opportunity to grow and progress with your career both in terms of responsibilities, job title, reward and benefits
  • Last, but not least – dynamic, truly international work environment, globally competitive salary and benefits package

What we are looking for:

  • Eager to embrace new challenges and become an individual taxation expert
  • Interested to learn more about various tax systems, international taxation principles, related risks and ways to improve tax effectiveness
  • Brave enough to consult executive level company leaders – our key clients
  • The one who has some experience in tax consulting or compliance
  • A team-player with hardworking approach, ability to multitask and easily adapt to fast changing environment
  • Fluent in English and Lithuanian, can demonstrate good business writing and MS Office skills

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