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Marketing Manager With PPC Background
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Get Ready To

  • Be responsible for the whole marketing area of the well-known Lithuanian brand Kilo.lt
  • Own and review full-funnel activities (acquisition, activation, retention, revenue, referral)
  • Be ready to work hands-on on the project, we expect you to have knowledge of performance, influencer, email, social media marketing,
  • Estimate workloads, budgets and simple product developing schedules;

We Expect You To

  • Have ability to draw up work schedules and delegate tasks effectively,
  • Negotiation skills for dealing with stakeholders and getting resources to agree with deadlines,
  • Basic account management skills with media or creative background,
  • Analytical skills to assess and evaluate projects,
  • Leadership skills and the ability to work with multiple teams simultaneously.

You Are Going To Deal With

  • Full set of perks including a hot tub in a terrace, workations (pity you missed Bali already) as well as taxi & gym monthly budgets. 
  • Informal communication. We are not a corporate office, we are digital punks.
  • Many mistakes though never the same mistake twice. We experiment – a lot, since no one has ever done what we are doing.
  • Digital products in the health industry which acquires thousands of daily new customers globally.
  • Weekly new introductions. Our team grows faster than construction workers are breaking the walls to expand our office. 
  • Feel excited already? It’s our daily emotion.

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