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New Product Launch (NPL) Manager – ADAS
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The goal of this job is, to coordinate the start-ups of new, complex products in domestic and international plants, based on specifications (e.g. Parts lists, master schedules, inventory of parts) and on agreements within your Core Team, and to develop new, comprehensive, economically demanding production concepts with strategic importance, as well as to make schedules. In this unique role in the region, and not at a plant location, the coordination and alignment with the Customer Project Managers (CPM) will be a significant part of the overall activity, as well.

In your Core Team, the operative concern is to observe for the overall production process (ex.: the feasibility of alterations to the process of development), from the placement of orders, to the finished Production Launch review. The corresponding assignment is handled by the project team, or handled and then represented by the Core Team. Smooth hand-off and alignment with the IPT and CPM are a focus.

You are responsible for

  • Conceptualizing new, future-oriented production solutions, with new production processes, while targeting and applying a variety of difficult networks, Interfaces, and new Technologies
  • Assess and adjust designs and/or drawings of the plant construction. Documentation of developed production concepts (ex.: Investment lists, rough drafts of layouts, Project status Reports). If necessary, with the help of additional specialists
  • Examine and utilize new technologies in regards to application. Define and adjust requirements (e.g. function, cost, location, standardization) for the new production line, and, when appropriate, revise them. Create, combine, check, detail, and, if necessary, adjust schedules, budgets, and workload plans (e.g. equipment, personal). Determine priorities and Interfaces in coordination with the project Teams
  • Ensure timely and functional, as well as cost-effective completion of the production line and all necessary activities within the framework of the project team’s coordination. Check progress of line installation and development. Plan and verify costs, and, when necessary, initiate corrective action. Adjust measures and proposals to reach the operation goals, and specify and align with the project team members. Assess and evaluate the steps to development, initiate corrective measures when necessary, and pursue Efficiency
  • Ensure the process development in the framework of the project team’s coordination and the process capability
  • Ensure the preparation of the necessary documentation, calculations, and analyses, such as Capital Requests, Production layout, and the Q-Gate report; also strive for a timely approval process, and when necessary, initiate escalation
  • Describe production processes (e.g. equipping and assembling, Cycle times of machines, working hours for personal and special measures.)
  • Instruct and support or help colleagues/coworkers on the specific elaborations and executions of (partial) projects, and discipline when necessary, including preparations for review and presentation to customers as needed


  • Bachelors degree in a related field (engineering / sciences)
  • Several years of experience in the automotive or consumer electronics industry in a variety of functions would be good
  • Several years of experience as a Launch Manager or Project Manager
  • NPL experience
  • Good English skills written and spoken
  • Lithuanian language skills would be a plus
  • Ability to work with international teams
  • Management skills, tools and techniques
  • Good communication, problem solving, presentation and negotiation skills
  • Knowledge of Lean Production principles and methods

What we offer

  • Health insurance package;
  • Accident insurance 24/7;
  • Full travel insurance (valid on business trips);
  • Flexible work concept;
  • Bonus based on annual performance.

The Chassis & Safety division develops, produces and markets intelligent systems to improve driving safety and vehicle dynamics. The direction for the division is clear: The future of mobility leads to automated driving. Integrated active and passive safety technologies and products that support vehicle dynamics provide greater safety, comfort and convenience. They create an excellent foundation for working together to achieve the goal of accident-free driving (Vision Zero).

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