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Operational excellence and industrial engineering
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Your tasks

You are responsible for improvement of productivity and economic efficiency in the production area with the help of Industrial Engineering. Furthermore, you will provide support during steering of Operational Excellence (e. g. Road Maps).

Operational Excellence:

  • You will participate in the drawing up and defining of the improvement plan for the plant in cooperation with the plant manager.
  • You will plan, support and handle improvement projects, logistic conceptions, processes and systems of work in collaboration with the shopfloor areas.
  • Participate in working out and introducing methods to extend Operative Excellence in overhead and TtM processes (e. g. lessons learned).
  • Prepare, preside over and perform workshops as well as train and qualify employees.
  • Also, you will give production-related support for new projects from development.

Industrial Engineering:

  • You will cooperate in the designing of work systems with the aim of improving the productivity of production process flows under ergonomic aspects.
  • Check routings in the system (SAP) and assure correct wage and final costing data incl. independent updating of the industrial engineering data and fields of the routing.
  • Check working method and calculated cycle times in the launch phase.
  • You will be also involved in capacity planning of resources and relocating products, acquisitions (relevant data for calculation), planning and wage payment using the MTM productivity management system as well as REFA methodology.
  • Control and report group work related KPIs.

Your qualifications

  • Degree in engineering/business engineering;
  • Production related working experience desired;
  • Analytical capabilities and enthusiasm for working with KPI;
  • Professional communication on the shopfloor and on management level as well;
  • Visionary and passionate for success.

Take the opportunity to reveal your potential within a global, family-run company that offers you the best possible conditions for progressing in your career.

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