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Production Planner-ADAS
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Job Description

The Production Planer Specialist is responsible to ensure the timely supply of the finished product to the customer through the effective use of the systems and tools available as a direct communication with customers and warehouses.

Main tasks will be to:

  • Check resources in production
  • Define and set up initial weekly production plan for short, mid and long term.
  • Check material availability included packaging materials as well.
  • Check feasibility of the production plan against available production capacity and/or material availability when appropriate escalate the situation.
  • Release of production plan
  • Monitor inventory levels for corresponding RAW, WIP and FIN Material
  • Following the technical change (change management) regarding the products and considering it in the production plan.
  • Check and update all production relevant master data
  • Define planning structure with planning methods per production level “
  • Create a feasible production plan including sequence optimization by Kanban/ Heijunka. Given plans for the production of specific parts, products, or formulations in specific quantities and planned availability of required sourced products, the scheduling of the operations to be preformed in accordance with these plans. Scheduling includes sequencing, and, depending on the factory layout, any standards for setup and run.
  • Assure the availability of packaging materials based on the production plan
  • Monitor Supply Chain and production relevant KPIs. In case of nonconformity define corrective actions, and lead the implementation of them.
  • Prepare short term and long term production plan forecast and capacity analysis.
  • Prepare reports (RAW, WIP, FG inventories, RVO (review volume order))”
  • Support of new product launches (and alteration) with planning of all logistics and supply chain aspects of the new production line, respecting lean manufacturing principles.
  • The process of monitoring and revising of the physical inventories and inventory information. This includes warehouse management, cycle counting, physical inventories and inventory reconciliation.
  • Monitor/manage consignmnet stock included checking and processing of relevant system messages as well
  • Maintain & optimize expired material / slow material / obsoletes
  • Support logistics processes in Product Termination Notification and Product Change Notificaition process (PTN/PCN)
  • Perform material shortage & allocation management process (MSM)

Job requirements

  • Academic degree in engineering, economics or comparable qualification •Professional experience in logistics
  • Supplier handing experience is preferred
  • Good knowledge of logistics related SAP modules
  • Experience in operations, preferably at a plant
  • Good MS Office skills
  • Fluent English language skills (spoken and written)

What we offer

• Health insurance package

• Accident insurance 24/7

• Full travel insurance (valid on business trips)

• Flexible work concept

• Bonus based on annual performance

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