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React Native developer
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1.400 - 2.500 Eur
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Trackforce mission is to provide the world’s most advanced workforce management platform. Our solutions are built to increase workforce accountability, improve operational efficiency and enable better communication between all stakeholders. 

Apply – we really want to meet you!

We would like you to have:

  • Minimum 3+ years of software development experience.
  • Experience with JavaScript or Typescript.
  • Experience with Mobile development (React Native, Xamarin, Ionic, Flutter, Native etc.).
  • Experience with any back-end programming language.
  • Knowledge of architectural and design patterns.
  • Ability to work in a team.
  • A demonstrated written and spoken English proficiency.

Great if you also have:

  • Experience with databases, micro services, docker.
  • Experience with monitoring / logging systems.
  • Knowledge of design patterns, SOLID principles and best practices.
  • GitHub profile with examples in open source contributions.

What your day will look like? You will:

  • Work with Mac Book Pro and 4K monitor.
  • Develop modern cross platform mobile application using React Native, Typescript, MobX, Jest.
  • Solve complex UI problems including high security requirements, access to phone’s camera, accelerometer, gyroscope, QR Code and NFC Tags scanning.
  • Integrate with real time data streams and back-end communication via GRPC framework.
  • Have a great possibility to learn Go programming language, GRPC, Kubernetes, continuous integration / deployments.
  • Do code reviews and write unit tests.

What are your benefits from all this?

  • Small company where you will feel the impact of your decisions.
  • Work with new features and low amount of support for existing solutions.
  • High degree of autonomy – you will be able to shape things around you.
  • We unit test and code review. We automate our deployments and monitor what’s happening in our production.
  • High caliber colleagues you can learn from. We like to understand how frameworks work, and not just use the API.
  • Fast growing business with ample career opportunities.
  • Competitive salary, parking space, leisure zone, knowledge sharing and other usual stuff.
  • An interesting business domain which provides hard to solve development challenges.

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