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Senior Data Software Engineer in Markets IT
Senior specialist
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About the role

High performing, investment banking culture mixed with strong IT flavour is the essence of our department. In Markets IT, we are developing a securities trading platform which is used by traders in Danske Bank, it is extremely challenging and exciting place to be. You might recognize us from public events where we have spoken or games like Hexagon which we presented in conferences and student fairs. Right now we are looking for a talented data software engineers who know their guns in both software engineering and data analysis. We want to fill in missing competencies on developing big data solutions.


Our tooling:

  • Scala / Java / Reactive Extensions
  • Hadoop / Cassandra / MongoDB / MS SQL / ElasticSearch / View server
  • RabbitMQ / Kafka / Micro service architecture / Octopus / SonarQube
  • Grafana, Icinga, VictorOps
  • GIT / GitHub /Jira

We offer

  • An inspiring environment in a large IT organization
  • A perfect opportunity to join a growing IT team and face the challenge and the opportunity to influence and shape the team in Vilnius
  • Work in an international team, which concentrates on innovative business facing solutions
  • An extensive training program to ensure that your skills are maintained and updated on an ongoing basis
  • Highly skilled team and career opportunities


  • Owning and specializing in our big data solution
  • Keeping up with the best practices and knowledge sharing
  • Bringing fresh ideas and out of the box mindset
  • Comfort by working in multi-context environment
  • Having high quality focus
  • Being a good team fit


  • Proven technical expertise
  • High engineering standards
  • Soft skills
  • Energy and drive
  • Curiosity and passion for software engineering
  • At least 2-3 years of commercial experience with Scala
  • At least 3 years of commercial experience with other mainstream languages and frameworks (Java, Python, JavaScript, C#, etc.)
  • Proven big data project experience
  • Familiarity with Hadoop
  • Familiarity with few of the following (Cassandra, MongoDB, MS SQL, ElasticSearch)
  • Will and ability to learn new languages and frameworks
  • Expert in parallel computing / data structures / concurrency abstractions / performance optimizations/ ETL

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