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CLOUDEON is a Danish start-up that has grown to an international company with +100 professionals. To us, right now is a watershed moment in how we conduct IT, and we wish to be at the frontrunner for this change. Our goal is to change the world! Our workday is marked by engineering, where new paths are traveled to push our key technologies and creative thinking to the limit. We see innovation as the core element to our success. We provide the framework to explore the latest developments in the fast-moving Cloud services landscape through our employees and Cloud Academy. CLOUDEON is on an exciting journey to create new solutions and reshape IT business, and we would like to invite you to join us.

What you will do at CLOUDEON

At CLOUDEON, innovation is the core of our company, and this means that we take paths untraveled. You will get to work on building and deploying Cloud-based software from scratch, and this requires the ability to “fail fast”, where the prospect of building something new excites you rather than make you uncomfortable. We offer a work environment, where you get to experiment and test features to push the limits of technology and imagination. Therefore, we employ the best of the best, and you can expect your colleagues to be frightfully skilled. To reach our overall goal, teamwork is vital. Your everyday will be marked by both mentoring and sparring with other developers. Communication skills are important to understand and be understood.

Your duties are:

  • Design, develop, build, test and deploy Cloud-based software
  • Participate in the development process relying on your technical expertise
  • Incorporate and be inspired by Cloud offerings as the cornerstone of any solution
  • Keep up to date on technology innovations, especially the Cloud
  • Help create, maintain and follow best practices for development work including coding, testing, source control, build automation, continuous deployment and continuous delivery
  • Maintain up-to-date certifications on relevant technologies


Your Qualifications:

  • Deep Python, Scala and/or C++ knowledge with abilities to quickly adopt other languages and platforms when needed
  • Experienced in C# and other Microsoft related technologies
  • Solid knowledge of data structures and database technologies including RDBMS, Graph and NoSQL databases
  • Solid knowledge of Spark, Kafka, Tinkerpop, Gremlin, JanusGraph, Cosmos DB, Neo4j, Prometheus and/or similar logging and tracing solutions
  • Solid knowledge of Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS APIs, with Google GCP knowledge being an advantage
  • Solid understanding of security/access control, scalability, high availability, and concurrency patterns
  •  Preferred qualifications:Experience with Microsoft Azure and/or Amazon AWS PaaS, IaaS and SaaS
  • Experience in building and supporting complex high-concurrency SaaS solutions
  • Experience with DevOps including automation and CI/CD
  • Experience with AI and Machine Learning is an advantage
  • Experience with Source Control, Build, Release and Configuration Management
  • Understanding infrastructure design including private-, hybrid- and public Cloud, networking, virtualization, identity, security and storage
  • Experience with IT Operations and IT Automation
  • Experienced in Agile development


You are:

  • Eager to learn something new every day
  • Open-minded to enjoy intellectual sparring and knowledge sharing
  • An excellent team player and always ready to assist your colleagues
  • Empathic with a respectful approach towards your colleagues
  • Not afraid to ask questions and raise issues


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