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Senior Software Developer (Camera ID)
Senior specialist
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Job description

The Icelandic start-up company Videntifier Technologies has developed a highly accurate method for extracting unique visual features from images taken by digital camera or mobile phones. These features are based on the so-called sensor-pattern-noise, small deficiencies introduced by the camera’s visual censor and the included receptors for the different pixels. Due to a large purchase by one of the big internet companies in the United States the company is expanding and building a second development team in Vilnius. and we are looking for Senior Software Developer in Visual Feature Extraction (Camera ID) at the moment.

We are looking for:

..a senior developer (master degree required, PhD degree preferred) who can:

  • Take over the development of Videntifier’s CameraID feature extractor from an employee that is going to leave the company for personal reasons
  • Increase the robustness and the reliability of the current feature extractor by adapting the algorithm, making it more robust against common attacks such as re-scaling, rotation, etc.
  • Study, try out and apply new noise processing filters in order to enhance the sensor-pattern-noise signal
  • Add new features into the product and make sure that they perform in line with customers’ expectations
  • Document these features and extend the currently existing RESTful API for accessing these new or improved features
  • Collaborate with the company’s lead database developers and the CEO on a sound integration between the Videntifier CameraID feature and the patent-protected clustering database component
  • Run tests on various implementations of the CameraID feature (on both, small-scale and large-scale datasets via the Videntifier clustering database component)
  • Gather extensive results from these measurements
  • Compile these results into easy understandable graphs, analyse these graphs and present the findings to the team in an analytical and logical manner
  • (potentially) Contribute to the scientific community by the publication of white papers and potentially the filing of new patents
  • Depending on the qualification and job performance this position can be also of interest for ambitious guys who want to develop into the future leader of the Videntifier core development team (2-3 year horizon).


Videntifier is looking for an ambitious person

  • with excellent algorithmic knowledge
  • excellent skills in low-level programming (C++ preferred)
  • with thorough understanding of signal processing and signal filtering (e.g. Fast fourier transform, Kaman and Wiener filters)
  • who has a basic experience in performing scientific research and proper publication of academic results
  • with good language and communication skills in English
  • at least 3 years industry (or in case of an university career academic) experience
  • master degree in computer science, electrical/computer engineering, signal processing or similar studies
  • with strong interest to work in a multicultural team and a sound personality to deal with challenges due to culture difference

Bonus points:

  • PhD degree
  • Academic Publications in peer-reviewed journals or conferences
  • Team Leadership skills
  • Knowledge in the domain of computer vision, signal processing and/or pattern recognition
  • International experience or work experience in a multi-cultural team
  • Experience in the application and/or participation of FP7 / HORIZON2020 / EUREKA or similar projects

We offer

  • A full-time position (100%). If required the employee can perform part of his work remotely (though no more than 30% of the total work time) as regular presence at the company’s office is a requirement. Others:International Team Spirit
  •  Work with top-notch Database & Computer Vision technology
  • Self-organised work in a small, but energetic team
  • Employee participation plan (via stock options)

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