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Software Developer, OCI Cloud, Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Vilnius, Kaunas
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Position Overview

• Collaboration and brainstorming with team on new features and possible solutions

• Developing and improving Web App Firewall (WAF)

• Developing new state-of-the-art security threats mitigation technologies

• Learning new programming languages, getting familiar with different libraries and frameworks, gain knowledge in networking and using in practical tasks solving

• Working with network security

• Developing standalone security management console applications

• Developing background/batch-jobs for data processing and delivery

• Developing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) console

• Developing REST and others contract-based APIs

• Covering new features and fixes with tests


Main technologies used:

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Golang, React.js/Javascript /Typescript, Kubernetes, Kafka, SQL, Key/Value storage

Key Responsibilities

• Develop and implement new features and improve existing ones

• Maintain and improve the performance of existing software 

• Participate in team Agile process, communicate actively with the team and internal stakeholders

• Design and update existing system infrastructure and solutions 

• Test software products both manually and in automated way 

• Recommend improvements to existing software programs as necessary

• Analyze various dependencies and risk scenarios

• Ensure platform consistency in a sense of technological and functional solutions

• Be ready to learn a lot of new things

Requirements and Qualifications

• Have at least 3 years of experience as Software Developer

• Passionate about developing global distributed cloud-based systems

• Ambitious to become a polyglot and ready to learn other programming languages like Python, Golang, C, Lua

• Must possess the ability to understand new concepts quickly, and apply them accurately through an evolving, dynamic environment

• Knowledge of TCP/IP and UDP networking

• Basic understanding of Virtualization and Containerization or be ready to gain this knowledge

• Basic understanding how cloud computing works

• Excellent problem-solving skills

• Good knowledge of Object-Oriented programming

• Comfortable and effective when communicating with remote teams in different time zones

• Possesses strong written, verbal, and presentation skills in Lithuanian and English languages

Optional skills

• Basic knowledge of Procedural and Functional programming is advantage

• Experience/understanding in Web app security, WAF, network security is an advantage

• Basic knowledge of HTTP v1 and v2 is advantage

• Basic knowledge of IPv4 and IPv6 is advantage

• Experience with Nginx web server is an advantage

• Experience in Agile Development (XP or Scrum) is advantage

• Experience in Test Driven Development methodology is advantage

• Experience with Git, Git submodules is an advantage

• Experience with C/C++, Ruby, Python, Golang or Java is an advantage

• Experience with Ansible and Shell scripting is an advantage

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