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Software engineer, .NET
Junior specialist
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1000 Eur
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Our client provides services design for Law Enforcement, Military, Special Forces, Search & Rescue, Fire and Medical Emergency Services around the world. It helps planning, execution and after action review.

The services are used by all the UK’s professional helicopter fleets, on the ground for policing and firefighters.

This system is also used in Latin America for counter-narcotics policing and is used in counter-terrorism


Build system in .NET Core, allowing it to be run on a Linux production environment. Our client has a desire to create a cluster of services each capable of inter-communication and dedicated to specific roles/tasks within the system.

This will help to break up monolith and to deploy different services into different installations, depending on the needs of an individual client.

It will also need to include Zuul service routing, API key generation, Authentication, monitoring and all packaged up as a standard archetype that can be used for subsequent services.


  • A fast learner, a team player who values quality and can communicate in English.
  • Happy to pick up new tools or dust off old ones to get the job done.
  • Experienced in software development.
  • Experienced in .NET


We automate as much as we can, from testing to infrastructure and deployments into the cloud. Any experience in these areas will make you even more suited for this role!


  • Dedicated time and leading person for your professional growth.
  • ZeniTalks – internal engineering meetups.
  • BeerTalks – company meetings every second Friday.
  • ZeniLunch every Thursday, snacks.
  • Professional conferences, trainings.
  • Flexible work time.
  • Social events and team buildings.
  • Empowerment to reach new levels of excellence.


We are hi-tech specialists working on our own projects as well as supplying the UK and Northern Europe, also Global brands. We are visionary and fanatic on technology and we take pride in what we do. Zenitech is a workplace based on mutual respect, open and direct relationships with each other and with our customers.

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