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Systems Integration Engineer
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Purpose of Role

  • To ensure all sub-systems supplied within a Dematic solution are correctly integrated.
  • To obtain an appropriate qualification (understanding of automated solution designs, interfaces, dependencies, limitations and testing techniques) and relevant experience in order to become a fully qualified Systems Integration Manager.

Key responsibilities

SIE is responsible for thorough testing of all sub-systems and acceptance testing of the overall Dematic solution.


This implies, but is not limited to:

  • Understand the system material flow concept and physical system layout.
  • Understand functional design specification for material flow host (WCS/WMS).
  • Support lead SIM on development of testing strategies and testing documentation.
  • Verify specifications produced by others for Factory (FAT) and Site (SAT) Acceptance Tests, Tests on Completion and Performance Tests.
  • Assist in testing of WCS/WMS using simulators and emulation software.
  • Assist in Factory Acceptance testing of third party equipment.
  • Assist in Factory Acceptance testing of Dematic supplied equipment.
  • Assist Dematic team to integrate equipment and WCS/WMS software ensuring full functionality following the agreed test procedures.
  • Liaise with Project Engineers on resolution of identified issues and report them via JIRA.
  • Keep the lead SIM and / or PM regularly informed of the status of the above.
  • To provide support to site wide commissioning activities until acceptance by customer.
  • Provide ramp-up support through to agreed milestones.

General responsibilities

  • To maintain good relationships with all internal and external customers, through provision of a high quality service.
  • To maintain Dematic’s image as a top quality, professional company, by adopting an honest, professional and attentive approach.
  • To adhere to Health and Safety standards including, but not limited to Method Statements and Risk Assessments.
  • To liaise with Systems Integration Managers and Project Engineers during project phase.
  • To innovate ideas wherever possible to improve our delivered product to the end customer (e.g. reduced price, reduced time-scale, improved functionality).
  • To maintain and improve upon personal skills related to the position, through experience and training.
  • To comply with the company policy as defined in the Staff Handbook, Safety Manual, and Quality Assurance Manual.
  • Other duties as required by Manager.

What We Are Looking For

Knowledge & Experience Required

  • Degree / HND or equivalent qualification is expected in the field of Control Engineering, Information Systems or Maths.
  • Previous experience in design or testing of warehouse management software and / or control systems in the automated materials handling industry.
  • Experience in the logistics sector is an advantage.

Special conditions

Weekend working and providing out of business hours remote support. The role assumes staying away from home for prolong periods of time i.e. circa 2 – 3 months at a time, approx 80% of the work time spent on the projects abroad.

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