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BAA Training

is one of the TOP 3 biggest independent aviation training centres in Europe providing a full scope of aviation training solutions on both – B2B and B2C levels. We are accelerating with the ambitious expansion in Europe and Asia and working with clients from 96 countries. Our mission is to provide aviation community with highly-qualified aviation professionals.

There are 4 available positions:

  • Instructor for ATPL subjects: Aircraft general knowledge, Instrumentation, Principles of flight;
  • Instructor for ATPL subjects: Flight planning and monitoring, Mass and balance, Performance, General navigation;
  • Instructor for ATPL subjects: Human performance and limitations, Meteorology, Operational procedures, Air law;
  • Instructor for ATPL subjects: Radio navigation, Communications.


Benefits you will get:

  • At least 90 teaching hours per month;
  • Full time or part time contract;
  • Monthly accommodation allowance;
  • Highly motivated students who were pre-selected for airlines’ cadet programs;
  • Motivational salary package with growth (career) opportunities;
  • Exclusive pricing for type rating training.


To succeed you must have:

  • At least 1 year of active experience at the operational level of the taught subject;
  • Any teaching/instructing experience or a certificate of Trainer’s courses, such as “Teaching & Learning” or “Train the Trainer” (if you don’t have it, we can provide it);
  • ICAO English not less than level 4 .


We expect you to:

  • Prepare training material under according to BAA Training standarts;
  • Create friendly atmosphere for the training;
  • Constantly extend the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the subject;
  • Observe and review students’ progress;
  • Estimate training procedures;
  • Perform the training according to the standards determined by BAA Training.


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