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Run at the speed of light.

We know that a rapid reliable internet connection is a must for you, as it is for all of us. And in Lithuania you’ll enjoy access to one of Europe’s best internet networks. The 2019 Fibre to the Home Council Europe conference named Lithuania 3rd in Europe for internet speed. So, it’s time to wave goodbye to that buffering icon and enjoy super-fast internet connections everywhere you go.

Companies big enough to match your ambition.

If you’re shooting for the stars, it helps to be in a rocket big enough to take you all the way. You can give your career the perfect lift off in Lithuania, thanks to the presence of major international companies. Delivering mission critical IT operations for Uber or Nasdaq. Producing state-of-the-art auto electronics for Continental. Crafting marketing campaigns for These opportunities and more are waiting for you in Lithuania.

Peace in the streets.

There’s no need to be hiding that trendy belt bag of yours under your jacket - Lithuania is a safe place to live. In terms of criminality or natural disasters, Vilnius is in the top 20% of the world's safest capitals, boasting a low crime rate. This means that you can feel calm in the streets, even when you are going back home after a night of fun.

Affordable luxury.

We Lithuanians like to have it all, and we think you should too. Good location or good price; delicious or affordable; a weekend at home or a nice getaway by the sea – why chose one when you can have both. The cost of living in Lithuania is lower than in most EU countries, while the quality and services on offer are just as good. Once you’re here, we bet you’ll find better ways to spend your money...

Lithuania looks good on you.

You might have never heard of Lithuanian fashion, but that’s about to change – so get ready to have your mind blown. Join the fashionistas from all over the world who have started noticing Lithuania’s talented designers and their clothing lines, brands, accessories and jewellery, all made from high quality materials. After all, isn’t it cool to choose a unique, custom-made item over something mass-produced? We think so too!

4 seasons of different.

Officially we’re called the Republic of Lithuania; unofficially, people call us Europe's best-kept secret. Lithuania’s snowy winters, blossoming springs, bright summers and golden autumns never cease to amaze. Every season is different and full of surprises, so you’ll never get bored of too much sun or miss the rain. Year round there’s a lot to experience, and we mean a lot: more than 2,500 lakes, 64,000 km of rivers and 90 km of Baltic Sea coast! Small country, big numbers - and even bigger experiences to enjoy.

We speak your language.

It’s a typical worry people have before moving to a foreign country – “how will I get on with the local language?” So, if you’re frantically googling Lithuanian pronunciation, you can stop. That’s because Lithuanians are multilingual - according to the stats, the majority of Lithuanians speak at least 2 foreign languages. In working life English dominates, and in your day to day activities you can so be sure you will be understood.

Kickstart your career.

Do you really have a spare 5 years of your life to sit waiting for that promotion? In Lithuania’s dynamic business community, opportunities come thick and fast - you could be joining a team one year and leading it the next. This is a place where being a boss at 30 is nothing unusual. Here, if you have talent and dedication, you can make anything happen.

Enjoy some You time.

Are you all too familiar with grinding routines and a relentless pace of life? Leaving work just to get home and check your work emails again? A better work-life balance is not as difficult as you might think. In Lithuania, well-planned work schedules and efficient working practices mean people here have more time for hobbies, family, or even doing nothing at all. Isn’t it time to give yourself the lifestyle you deserve?

Fuel your creativity.

You don’t need to be working in advertising to value creativity; and for creativity to flourish you need the right conditions. With green cities, vibrant cultural scenes, and inspiring workplaces (like Vilnius Tech Park, a renovated 19th century palace set in wooded parkland), fresh ideas come easily in Lithuania. All you’ll have to worry about is writing them all down.

Live for your friends, not with your friends.

Tired of house shares and arguing over who used the milk? Is your only option for living alone a tiny studio apartment? Well, here’s some good news. Working for an international company in Lithuania, you will comfortably be able to rent a good-sized apartment all for yourself! Your place, your rules. So you can enjoy all the pleasure of seeing your friends, with none of the pain of actually having to live with them.

Shopping 24/7.

Shopping malls, gas stations and restaurants in Lithuania all have very convenient opening times, working 7 days a week from early morning, even on Sundays and holidays. So, you can be sure that, any time you want, you will be able to get everything you want. Not a fan of shopping? That’s fine. You can do it online in your PJs and have your groceries delivered to your front door.

Take your taste buds for a walk.

Think our soup is too pink? Or maybe our national dish, cepelinai, looks a little weird (and greasy) in the pictures? Well, we think you’ll love them when you try them! In fact, Lithuania is a great place to discover culinary wonders. Here you’ll find everything from fancy restaurants to charming cafes, to local pubs with your future best friend behind the bar. So, when you’re ready to let your hair down, kick back with a cocktail made with seasonal herbs and berries, and enjoy.

Take a deep breath.

Just look at Vilnius from this viewpoint - is it trees within a city, or a city within the trees? We don’t have polluting factories, which is why Vilnius is considered to be one of the greenest European capitals. The city centre is covered with beautiful green nature spots, all for you to get your lungs full of truly fresh air.

Get active any way you want.

Ready to get your pulse racing while surrounded by gorgeous nature? Go ahead, because Lithuania has tons to offer as soon as you step foot out of the biggest cities. Skiing in the middle of July, perhaps? Then check out the modern Snow Arena in Druskininkai (plus this spa town is the ideal place to soak your aching limbs after)! Or fancy water sports? Sure, come to Svencelė – a true heaven for all kite surfers. The choice is yours!

Less traffic, more time.

What do you wake up early for - an invigorating run, a freshly baked croissant, or a few downward-facing dogs? Or maybe you’re up early just to sit in traffic on your way to work? Well in Lithuania’s compact cities, commute times are much shorter than in big cities like London. So all you need to worry about is what to do with the extra time you’ve got. Beat that, bigger cities!

Organic is natural for us.

Raw honey, ripe cheeses, freshly-harvested vegetables, fragrant herbs - whether it’s sunny LA, Sydney or Vilnius, we all love ecological organic food. So, if like us you prefer your food local and seasonal, you’ll feel at home in Lithuania. Here you will find a huge variety of fresh vegetables, fruits and other tasty treasures at our many farmers’ markets, plus you can find plenty of healthy organic options in the supermarkets. Our forests are full of berries and mushrooms as well, so be ready to experience the true Lithuanian way of life and pick them yourself.

Office spaces that inspire.

The modern, sophisticated office spaces you’ll find in Lithuania’s major cities feel dynamic and exciting, plus they have all the comforts you’d expect. And with 160,000 square meters of office space added in Vilnius in the last two years, if you’re working at an international company you’re more or less guaranteed to be working in a brand new office.

Spring water in every tap.

Water purity might not be top of your list of priorities when it comes to finding your dream place to live. But this is actually something you’ll enjoy every day – drinking purer water is great for your health, plus you save money (and the environment) by not having to buy bottled. And Lithuanian tap water is some of the cleanest in Europe. So why not enjoy fresh water pumped from 140m underground straight to your tap?

Everyone’s welcome.

Multiculturalism is in Lithuania’s DNA. Since Grand Duke Gediminas, who founded the city of Vilnius, invited people from across Europe to live in Lithuania, the country has been a melting pot of people and ideas. And in 21st century Lithuania you’ll find all manner of languages, cultures and identities in the offices and on the streets of the country’s cosmopolitan cities.

Let’s go places!

Can’t live without weekly family reunions? Well, give mum a call, cause you’re coming home for dinner. Getting to any country in Europe from Lithuania is easier than you’d think. Our airports are small and compact, so you won’t be queuing at security for an hour or taking 20 mins to get to your gate. Better still, reaching our 3 airports (in Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga) is easy and fast – Vilnius Airport is just 15 mins from the city centre.


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