Living in Lithuania

Looking for a cosmopolitan vibe and pulsing nightlife? Or maybe a rich cultural experience, an active lifestyle or a more relaxed and leisurely pace is your thing? Whatever you are after, Lithuania is the place for you. Offering a truly unique mix of urban dynamism and natural beauty, it‘s never more than 30 minutes from the centre of the action to an escape into lush, green and open nature.

Lithuania ranks #6 for the best work-life balance
OECD Better life Index 2019
Vilnius is among Top10 cities for expats
According to the Lonely Planet 2020
200+ international companies waiting for you with job offers
Current number of Work in Lithuania partners
4229 number of planned new vacancies to be created by Invest Lithuania partners, which announced establishment or expansion in 2020
Planned vacancies to be created by Invest Lithuania partners this year

Why Lithuania

Work-life balance
Abundant leisure
Affordable lifestyle
  • Healthy and clean environment
    Lithuania is famous for its green cities, blue lakes, deep forests and unspoilt coastline, which is only 3 hours drive from the capital.
  • Reduced commute time
    It’s 30 minutes or less from home to office in Lithuania’s major cities. So here, people get up early for a morning run, not to spend 2 hours in traffic.
  • Smart infrastructure
    With everything from apps to pay for parking through to smart transport solutions like bike and car sharing, Lithuania makes it easy for you.
  • Some of the longest maternity / paternity leave in Europe
    New mothers get 18 weeks of fully paid leave and new fathers get 4 weeks, and the parents then get an additional 156 weeks to share (partially paid).
  • Transport links with countries around the world
    You can fly directly to 57 airports from Vilnius Airport, enabling you to easily reach 48 different cities in 26 countries.
  • Speak English wherever you go
    In the supermarket or at the bar: you’ll find English is spoken everywhere, making your everyday communication hassle-free.


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