AI startup GOSU Data Lab sets up in Lithuania

GOSU Data Lab, a tech company providing AI-based analytics for competitive gamers, has chosen Lithuania for their main office. The company, initially established in Moscow, has joined the trend of innovative game developers and tech start-ups from the East that find a new home in Vilnius. After having relocated their development team of around 10 people, GOSU plans to tap into the Lithuanian data sciences talent pool and grow to 50 employees in the next couple of years.

The choice of Lithuanian was far from coincidental, as Alisa Chumachenko, one of GOSU’s founders previously relocated another company she had founded – Game Insight – to Vilnius.

“Our move to Lithuania adds fuel to the already running engine that is the local data science community,” Alisa Chumachenko believes. “The market is still emerging, and we believe that we can make a real impact and help Lithuania strengthen its position in the AI technology market, as well as the broader IT and Game Development markets.”

As a company developing AI solutions, the core of the GOSU AI team consists of data scientists, mathematicians, and engineers. As it grows, the company will be looking for people with a similar profile, as well as coders with solid knowledge of Python, JavaScript, Java.

The GOSU.AI platform uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to help competitive gamers analyze their previous matches and see what skills they should improve to rise in the ranks. It also provides tips on best gear sets, starting items and strategies that can be used to defeat a particular enemy. The service currently supports such bestselling games as CS:GO, Dota 2 and PUBG, with more titles, like Hearthstone and World of Tanks, to be added in 2019.

The platform offered by GOSU Data Lab is used by enthusiasts and professional gamers across more than 70 countries.

“Lithuania-based foreign companies develop Artificial Intelligence solutions in medicine, trade, user behaviour research and other fields. However, it is precisely the GameDev industry that is named the most perspective and profitable field for AI developers. The decision of GOSU to set up in Lithuania will not only nurture the professional skills of these professionals in a new segment but will also provide impetus to the country’s GameDev industry,” Virginijus Sinkevičius, the Lithuanian Minister of Economy, says.

According to Mantas Katinas, General Manager of Invest Lithuania, strong Artificial Intelligence competencies will help Lithuania maintain competitiveness on the tech market in the future.

“Already today we see Lithuania-based companies applying cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning approaches in such fields as cybersecurity and medicine. GOSU Data Lab will reveal the power of the same talent pool in the field of game development, a niche that Lithuania has the potential to expand in the future,” Mantas Katinas believes.

GOSU Data Lab was established in 2017, and unrolled its platform earlier this year. It has gained the attention and trust of venture capitalists, and has raised $2.4 million to this day. Among the investors are Runa Capital, Ventech and Sistema VC.