Build Stuff 2019: Software Development Conference

This fall again Build Stuff will connect Vilnius and Kyiv in one magnificent software development bridge. Starting on the 13th of November in Vilnius, Build Stuff will finish the show on the 20th of November in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Build Stuff is dedicated to developers, academics, team leaders, software architects, and technical project managers.

This year’s Build Stuff is about entering and surviving the new Software Jungle areas. With the availability of so many technologies, new tools, programming languages, and innovation overload, the software development field is so fast-paced, frequently changing, and incredibly complex. Just like the Jungle. Facing these “jungles” for every developer can be very overwhelming.
The survivors will be those who are interested in acquiring new skills, mastering the latest programming languages, tools, or frameworks to stay current.

Work in Lithuania will also participate in the “Build Stuff” conference this year, both in Vilnius and in Kyiv.
Come and visit us at booth 8 at the Vilnius conference and booth 4 at Kyiv conference and let’s talk about building your career in Lithuania!

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