Work culture in Lithuania

Lithuania might not be the first country that springs to the mind of people looking for career opportunities.  The truth is that it should be.  What was an unknown country 30 years ago, is today a European soon to be global Fintech leader, and one of the most attractive foreign investment destinations in CEE. What’s more, it’s a real natural gem for lovers of all things green, and a real treasure to be discovered by those who love places that are creative and fast growing. And, if it hadn’t been for the great talent Lithuania is known for, none of this would have happened. So, let’s see what it is like to work in Lithuania and what makes it a top choice for those eager to kick-start or develop their career.

Start early, leave early

A typical working day starts at 8h – 8h30 and ends around 17h – 17h30. These days, however, more and more companies are offering flexible working hours, giving employees freedom to start their day later. Regardless of the hours you’re assigned, the most important thing remains the same – to be productive and to deliver.


Work is taken seriously

The one thing you definitely need to know about Lithuanians is that they are hard workers. It is rare to encounter laziness at work as the office is the place you come to do as much as you can to deliver the best results possible. There is a clear line between when it is time to rest and play, and when it is time to be productive.


Weekends last longer

Lithuania is known as a country where people can enjoy the perks of a great work/life balance. Wonder how? They make Fridays shorter. The last day of the week is special. By around 4pm most people will have already started turning off their computers and going out to enjoy the weekend. This gives you the chance to enjoy long walks in tranquil nature, spend more time with your family and friends and recharge for the week ahead.



Being “fashionably late” is not a thing

In Lithuania respect is the key, especially when it comes to respecting yours and other people’s time. That is why everyone is expected to be punctual and come to meetings on time. Not only does this help everything to run on schedule.

Innovative, dynamic and creative

Lithuania is riding the crest of a wave. Now is the time when the country is moving forward faster than ever. That is why the work culture is also very dynamic, with increasing numbers of companies adopting innovative working methods, and transforming their office culture. The emphasis lies squarely now on individuals doing everything they can to work more effectively and lead the best life they can.