A country open to innovation and creativity

Lithuania is a place where great ideas come to life. As a fast-growing Northern European technology hub, Lithuania is open to co-creating impactful solutions and tackling global challenges. People here think, act and dream beyond borders.

Vilnius business district
© Matas Jankauskas

85% of young professionals speak English

Source: 2021 Invest Lithuania estimations based on Population Census 2011

The fastest real GDP per capita growth in the EU

Source: Eurostat, 2020; Change in real GDP per capita, 2000-2020

11th globally for economic freedom

Source: Fraser Institute, 2020

⅓ of the country covered by forests

Source: Statistics Lithuania, 2019

World-leading public Wi-Fi speeds

Source: Ooma, 2020

Direct flights to over 70 international destinations

Source: Lithuanian Airports, 2021

Major cities to explore

Cathedral Square in Vilnius
© Andrius Aleksandravičius


Cosy and compact, Vilnius is Europe’s greenest capital with a population that constantly ranks among some of the continent’s happiest.

Unity Square in Kaunas


Kaunas is a growing tech and cultural hub, known for its impressive Art Deco heritage and a vibrant student population.

Danė riverbank in The Old Town of Klaipėda


Klaipėda, Lithuania’s only port, is a laid-back city with a multicultural flair and a burgeoning IT industry.

The celebration of The Lithuanian Song and Dance Festival in Vilnius
© Andrius Aleksandravičius

Small nation, big spirit

Driven and globally-minded, Lithuanians are a historically welcoming and collaborative nation. With one of the highest shares of university-educated people in Europe, Lithuania’s free-thinking, tolerant society blends the best of West and East.

Member of EU, NATO, Schengen Area, UN and OECD

Lithuanian is the official language

Currency is the euro (€)

Panoramic view over the river Nemunas in Birštonas
© Andrius Aleksandravičius

Beautiful in all four seasons

The variety of seasons and weather ensures life is never boring in Lithuania. You can experience all four seasons here: in winter, fun in the snow, and in warmer months, active leisure time in nature, by the sea or the many lakes and rivers – all without having to worry about things like tornadoes, volcanoes, and tsunamis.

Aerial view over the lake Dusia

Nature front and centre

Whether you’re in or outside the city centre, there’s green everywhere. Forests blend into urban sites, while ancient woods and swamps host rare animals and birds. Always having nature only steps away makes it extremely easy to switch from work to relaxation. An extensive network of well-marked trails allows you to easily escape the hustle-and-bustle of the city into a world of forest, field and flower.