Ffion Quick
I think that there’s loads of opportunities if you start looking for jobs here.
Works Wix.com Offers
Came from United Kingdom
Occupation UX Writer

When Ffion Quick first heard about Lithuania from some Lithuanian students she was studying with at Uni, little did she know that she’d be furthering her career there in a few short years. And it’s been an exciting ride, from the moment she visited Lithuania and fell in love with the country to today, where she has a dynamic career in Vilnius as a UX Writer at the global tech company – Wix.com. From Leicester, a picturesque Cathedral town in the East Midlands, Ffion already had a burgeoning career as a freelancer in digital marketing when she decided she needed some adventure. And destination adventure was Vilnius, Lithuania. Thrilled with her decision and clearly loving her experience in Lithuania, we sat down with Ffion to let her tell her story.

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What inspired you to come to Lithuania?

First and foremost, I wanted to come on an adventure. When I was in university, I met amazing Lithuanian students and their grasp of IT was just out of this world. So, that made me start researching Lithuania a bit more and I realized that it was promoting itself as a tech hub.

What’s your impression of Lithuania so far?

It is beautiful. And the people have been amazing. I think people make a place, and the fact that everybody has been so welcoming has just been awesome.


Can you tell us a little about your work?

So, I’m a UX Writer at Wix.com, which means I write all the text you see on the interface when you build a website with Wix.com. But it’s not only writing text, it’s programming all the stuff in the backend to make sure the user is able to see that text on the screen. So, it’s the best of both worlds. I get to be a copywriter and I also get to be a developer. I’m getting to meet people from all around the world too. I’m getting to learn a new language. Not only that, I’m getting to go to talks by software engineers for some of the biggest global tech companies.


What was the recruitment process like?

It was straightforward and difficult. I had to do a task, which I spent two days doing, and that was a really good practice for what the job would be like when I came here. Then I had a video interview with HR Vilnius. Then I had to go through two more interviews with my colleagues in Israel. Then finally they flew me out to Vilnius, and I had a face to face interview and then after that they said I had the job, so that was crazy.

Would you recommend Lithuania to someone as a destination for their career?

I think all my friends from Leicester should get a plane ticket and come and see me because they keep saying they are going to and they haven’t yet, and when they get here they’ll keep coming back. I think that there’s loads of opportunities if they start looking for jobs here.

Do you have hobbies in Lithuania?

I do. When I got to Vilnius the HR team helped me get a place in the old town. And they put me in an amazing stead to be in such a beautiful area that I actually started painting because of that. And I started fishing a couple of weeks ago as well, which I think is going to be a great way to see the Lithuanian countryside, to go and see the lakes and be out in nature.


Have you discovered any places since you came to Lithuania that you would like to tell us about?

Yes, but I don’t want anybody to go there (laughing). I think it’s called Bačkonys, and it’s an old electrical powerplant which is now a heritage site. It was the first time I went somewhere and there were frogs jumping around, fish jumping out of the river, the sun was setting over the water, and that’s why it’s my favourite place.

How do you feel about the food?

The food in the city is amazing, and the food service is incredible. I love the food in England, I’ve been to Australia on a food tour around there, but I still think that Lithuania is like an undiscovered gem for food.

Is there anything that you discovered about Lithuania before coming here that stuck in your head?

When I was researching interesting facts about Lithuania, I stumbled upon one that said there were more hot air balloons than people, which now that I’m here I don’t think is actually true but to see that amount of hot air balloons over the city is breath-taking. It’s something I always liked in the UK, here there’s just flocks of them like birds and that is so special.

What is it about the art and culture in Lithuania that has really surprised you?

I’m really into arts, and when I got to Lithuania, I thought I’d go to lots of galleries and then I realized the street art was really amazing here. Whenever, I turn down a new street in the city, I’ll find an amazing piece on the wall. So, I’ve actually been spending less time in galleries than I thought I would be, but I’m just in the gallery as I walk round. It feels like I’m in a gallery or museum because of all the architecture and art on the walls.

As you can see from Ffion’s experience, Lithuania is a great place to further or start your international career. So, if you are looking for a working experience that delivers a fantastic work-life balance in a beautiful and inspiring environment, Lithuania is ready for you. What are you waiting for?

 🎦 Watch Ffion’s success story on Youtube  🎦