Marta Sainz de la Maza Padro
I am still in love with Vilnius after six years of living here. This city offers many opportunities for finding a solid job, and for improving the quality of your life. It is also very easy to move around and find interesting things.
Works Western Union Offers
Came from Spain
Occupation Team Supervisor

How long were you living abroad and what did you do there?

I spent 9 months in Florence, Italy studying economics with the Erasmus exchange programme. I also lived in London for couple of months to improve my English, and then I did an internship in Lithuania before returning home to Spain. After that, I moved to Lithuania to work, and I have been living here ever since.

What was the main reason why you chose to move to Lithuania?

First, when I was doing my internship here, I wasn’t looking for a job. I returned to Spain, but then some of my local friends, and foreign friends as well, mentioned that companies in Lithuania wanted to hire people who can speak different languages. I speak Spanish, Italian, and English, so I decided to give it a chance. So my decision was based entirely on work opportunities.

What surprised you the most after moving here?

The people, definitely. Quite many people I met were so helpful and kind, even when I could not speak much in Lithuanian. They helped me settle in and I just felt so welcome, specially from colleagues of my company.

How did the quality of your life change after coming to Lithuania?

It really improved. Now I have a flat in a nice area close to the office, I have a car and a bicycle. I am enjoying here the nature, I like a lot white winters and peace, while doing many activities in my company and after work.

What do you do in your current job position?

I am the supervisor of a team of fourteen people who investigate and report suspicious activities. It is interesting and challenging work.

What recent project or other achievement are you most proud of?

I was awarded by my company twice for my efforts in supporting foreigners who want to work in Lithuania, and also for my work handling various events and projects dedicated to diversity and projects to improve processes and the way we work.

Was it hard for you to find a job here?

Actually, it was not hard at all. I posted a message on LinkedIn saying that I was looking for work in Vilnius, and the next day a person from Western Union contacted me with a proposal.

What are the biggest work-related differences between the two countries?

I haven’t worked for international company in Spain. What I can say from Lithuania and my current company is that I have met many knowledgeable professionals that I can learn a lot from. I like the fact that companies in Lithuania are well organized and offer many additional benefits for people.

Leisure time in Lithuania and in Spain. What are the strengths of Lithuania?

It is amazing how people can enjoy every single sunny day here to the maximum. My home city is super sunny, so some people tend to forget to appreciate the good weather. But not here. Lithuanians go out into nature, do sports, go to all kinds of events and so on. Vilnius is a city that is quite well set up for for indoors and outdoor activities.

Which common stereotype about Lithuania is not true? 

There is this opinion out there that Lithuanians are basically Russians and they speak the same language as them. But this is not true at all. I have also heard that Lithuanians are somewhat closed – maybe they don’t appear as open as people in other countries, but they smile and welcome you sincerely, especially if you try to speak in Lithuanian.

“I don’t know whether I should go to Lithuania.” What would you say to someone in doubt?

I would say come and try Vilnius! I fell in love with this city, and I am still in love after six years of living here. Vilnius offers many opportunities for finding a solid job, and for improving the quality of your life. It is also very easy to move around and find interesting things.

If a friend was about to move to Vilnius, what advice would you share?

That is a good question. I would probably just say “take some warm clothes,” and I am absolutely sure that the nice people here would help and support my friend.