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After spending more than a decade in the UK and Ireland, Latvian-born Frank Sondors now heads Client Partnerships division at Whatagraph, a leading developer of a leading marketing data collection tool, in Vilnius
Frank |
How many CVs do you need to send out nowadays to land a job abroad? It appears that the answer is zero! Or at least it was for Margarita, whose move from Minsk to Vilnius started with updating her LinkedIn profile.
Margarita |
Moving to another country is no easy task under normal circumstances but during a lockdown, it becomes a real challenge!
Lisa |
Rocket Software
Swapping Canada for Lithuania: my career journey
Monika Slykaitė |
I believe that there is no shortage of efficiently functioning businesses in Lithuania, and it is essential to cultivate a proper work culture and attitude towards people.
Dominykas Punis |
With a diploma of the prestigious Harvard Law School in her hands, Rūta could choose from a long list of job offers from around the world. However, she chose to develop her career in Lithuania.
Ruta Mrazauskaite |
When choosing an employer, the product or service I will need to work with was always important to me.
Marija Antanaitytė |
Stamatis Tsolakidis is a self-trained Web Developer, water polo enthusiast and aspiring Youtube content creator from Greece.
Stamatis Tsolakidis |
Genius Sports
"One thing about Lithuanians I can say for sure is that they’re open and reachable". Read more >>
Katherine Klebanovich |
"I quickly fell in love with Vilnius!".
Salvatore Riniolo |
In Lithuania, it’s not a problem to find a job if you’re a good specialist. People just need your knowledge. They can give you everything, all possibilities to grow.
Anastasiia Matviichuk |
Danske Bank
I think that there’s loads of opportunities if you start looking for jobs here.
Ffion Quick |
I like the fact that in Lithuania they trust you to do your work to the best level you can – there is no strict hierarchy or bossing people around.
Ilias Begetis |
Genius Sports
When I look at where I am right now, I know that I probably would not be able to live such a life in France because of the prices, the amount of competition, etc.
Benoit Marmillod |
Lithuania has many companies and all of them have an international environment. Plus, you can be sure that you will have many opportunities to spend quality leisure time here.
Andrea Esposito |
Lithuania is a growing country, and it is certainly a great spot to flourish. I am happy about my choice to move here, and others should just weigh up their options and personal preferences.
Bart Kappel |
When I finally decided to look for a job on my own, I found one right away. I saw a “Work In Lithuania” ad on Facebook, and sent my CV to Festo. The company invited me to join their Marketing Support department.
Dalia Tvardauskaitė |
I am still in love with Vilnius after six years of living here. This city offers many opportunities for finding a solid job, and for improving the quality of your life. It is also very easy to move around and find interesting things.
Marta Sainz de la Maza Padro |
Western Union
I am about to start working at Danske Bank as a team leader. Only 18 months ago I was just a junior project manager. To me it’s quite a career shift. What I like about this bank is their Scandinavian organisational culture.
Gintarė Skorupskaitė |
Danske Bank
A lot of interesting events, new bars and restaurants, a lot of attention to the environment, Vingis park, new bike tracks, new projects in the city centre – all this is very exciting. Expanding boundaries of the city centre is just fantastic.
Andrius Januta |
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