22 June, 2022

What country should you relocate to? Key things to consider

Thinking about moving abroad? Whether you’re looking for a new job, better quality of life, or simply your next adventure, choosing a foreign country to relocate to can be a challenge. If you are exploring your options on the best places to live as an expatriate, take a look at our list of things to consider. 

Job market

Unless you’re retired or come from money, job opportunities are perhaps the most important factor to look at before your move. If you have a destination in mind, consider if it’s an easy place for non-natives to find work. 

Here are the questions you need to find answers to:

• Are there jobs available in your field?  

• What are the salaries on offer?

• What documents do you need to have to search for a job?

Looking at job prospects, LinkedIn can be a great tool to find offers in a specific area. Alternatively, platforms dedicated to one country, such as Work in Lithuania, can help with your research.

Vilnius old town ©Go Vilnius

Everyday living

Some everyday things we usually don’t give a second thought about may be game-changers when deciding where to relocate. When moving abroad, assess if you’ll be able to afford to live, eat, and shop the way you want in your chosen country. 

Some questions to consider might include: 

• Is housing available and affordable?

• Is there a reliable, easy-to-use public transport system? Or will you need your own car?

• What’s the health system like? Is there free, universal coverage?

Time off-work

Before picking your destination, make sure to look into your options to spend great time outside of work there. You might want to venture out and find new hobbies.

Your homework might include researching these questions:

• Do people enjoy a work-life balance? What is the common policy on working hours and paid vacation days?

• What sightseeing opportunities are there? What about cultural activities and events?

• Is there an expat community?

You can also check out “Foreigners in Country X” Facebook groups and Meetup.com to get an idea of the various clubs and hobby-based groups available. 

Ease of relocation 

It’s not enough to just have a passport when moving to another country. Sorting out immigration paperwork can be a hassle, so make sure to seek help. Places like International House Vilnius offer free consultations with professionals from the main public institutions, helping expats with relocation practicalities.

Here’s what you need to learn:

• What are the visa requirements? 

• How long can you stay in the country in case you lose or change your job?

• Are there any financial incentives for expats relocating to work there?

Relocating to any country brings new experiences and some exciting challenges. Thinking through this list of questions might help to make sure the country you choose has everything you’re looking for.