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Lithuania’s dynamic and rapidly growing market means that new opportunities for professionals arise every day. International companies are playing an important role in this trend by creating thousands of new positions, establishing excellence centers and transferring core functions to their Lithuanian teams.

For example, Uber’s global Critical Site Reliability center is based in Lithuania and handles 50% of the company‘s core infrastructure. Then there’s Danske Bank’s Vilnius team, who developed MobilePay, an app that is now on 90% of Danish smartphones and is the leading mobile payment solution in the Nordics. Many other companies, including the likes of Nasdaq, Unity, and Thermo Fisher Scientific, have developed world-changing products here.

So, what is it that’s convincing major global players to constantly develop their business units and grow their teams in Lithuania? The answer is the skilled, multilingual talent they find here. And every month this talent is attracting new companies to Lithuania in the business services, manufacturing and technology sectors.

Jobs created by international companies based in Lithuania*

* Refers only to foreign companies attracted by the foreign direct investment development agency Invest Lithuania. Source: “Invest Lithuania”

14 643
17 588
20 893
22 844
25 016

Main sectors

Global Business Services


Lithuania’s IT sector is growing rapidly, both in the number of specialists employed, and in the range of functions and competencies it offers. And what’s behind this expansion? One of the main factors is that the role Lithuanian IT teams play for their parent companies has transformed. While several years ago Lithuanian IT specialists were entrusted with managing simple functions and providing outsourced services to third parties, today the situation is completely different. Lithuanian teams are now responsible for creating and developing complex platforms that are used worldwide.

Salaries for most common positions in Lithuaniai (net)

1300 - 3000
IT security specialist
1760 - 3000
Project Manager
1900 - 3000

Lithuania’s booming tech sector is creating more and more jobs every day. Read more and discover the career possibilities Lithuania can offer you.

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