Finance and accounting

From giants in international banking through to largescale production companies, a wide range of businesses have chosen to coordinate their financial transactions and accounting from Lithuania. And the scope of services offered by Lithuanian teams is diversifying all the time. Currently, these services range from routine finance and accounting operations through to money laundering prevention, financial analysis and reporting, and high-level securities and banking transactions.

Human Resources management

Lithuania is a popular location with international companies who are looking to consolidate a range of internal human resource management operations in one location. As Lithuania’s service centre cluster has grown and developed, human resource management functions have been developing rapidly – 29% of centres in Lithuania provide some form of HR services for their global company group.


IT services are provided by almost half of the service centres operating in Lithuania. And, of the companies who have established centres here, 33% are from the IT sector. This means there are excellent career opportunities in IT available for specialists of all experience levels. Companies provide full on boarding programs with all the specific knowledge needed for their area of work. And, impressed by the talents they have found in Lithuania, these companies are diversifying the range of IT positions on offer, which now include: IT infrastructure administrators, cyber security specialists, mobile app developers and many more.

Other functions

One of the most significant features of Lithuania’s cluster of service centres is its diversity. Alongside the main service areas on offer (customer operations, IT, Finance and HR), other service areas provided include: data analytics, automation, engineering services, legal process operations and structure design.